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Locite® QuickStix™ gasketing application
Cat equipment
Loctite® threadlocking application
Cat equipment

Henkel Corporation Named Preferred Vendor with Loctite® Branded Products Replacing Cat® Private-Label Adhesives and Sealants Worldwide

Following careful analysis of the market environment, Caterpillar Inc. has selected Henkel Corporation, and its Loctite® brand, as Caterpillar's preferred vendor to supply replacement adhesives and sealants for Cat equipment. The strategic decision to partner with Henkel, the world’s largest adhesives and sealants manufacturer, means Caterpillar will end distribution of its private-label adhesive and sealant products.

Among the major reasons for this decision are the increasingly complex global compliance requirements for adhesives and sealants, including Global Harmonization and REACH. Henkel, as a critical function of its core business, can devote the resources to ensure compliance in every region of the world. Whereas, staying current with these widely varied requirements has created an environment where Caterpillar can no longer offer a globally viable, cost-effective solution to Cat Dealers and customers for adhesive and sealant products.

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